Dear Valued Clients

  At Saskatoon Services for Seniors, the safety of our clients and staff members is our first priority.  With the Situation as it stands today we have made the tough decision to close effective March 23 2020. We have made this decision to help keep our clients and staff safe during this difficult time. We continue to monitor the ever changing situation and hope to re-open on April 6th 2020. Although the plan is to re-open on April 6th we will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our return date as needed. We hope everyone is staying safe, and isolating when necessary. Together we will all get through this. As we firm up a return date we will reach out to our valued clients to let them know when we will be re-open and look to get your services back up and running again.

If transportation to and from the grocery store is an issue for you or if you are unable to shop and carry groceries on your own, this is the service for you! The grocery delivery service is working to provide our community with access to groceries delivered right to their cupboard!

How it works

 1. Creating the Grocery List – On Monday and Tuesday of every week we put together our grocery orders from clients.

Grocery Order Options:

  • We call you to see if you need groceries that week and if so, we take your grocery order over the phone.
  • You can submit your grocery list by emailing it to
  • You can call us to provide a detailed list over the phone by calling 306-668-2762

NB:  The more specific your grocery list, the better! Please include the size, brand, any other specifications about the exact product and whether substitutions are allowed.

It is not mandatory that groceries be ordered once a week, it can be bi-weekly or however often you need.

2.  Purchase and Delivery –  Wednesday and Thursday our shoppers/drivers will purchase and deliver your groceries to your home.  If needed, we will also put the groceries away for you.

We may be able to do special orders if a volunteer is available. Please contact our office to determine availability.


The final payment will consist of:

    • One time membership fee (all clients must be members) of $10 when you sign up
    • 10% of the grocery bill
    • Delivery charge is a flat fee of $6 per store (if order is all from one store only one fee is charged)

If cost is a barrier, please contact our office at 306-668-2764to discuss alternative fee structures.


Payment will be required after the groceries have been delivered. Cash or cheque will be accepted.