Openings for needed volunteer Gardeners!

Yard Care Services

Let us make your yard inviting and cheery by doing the work for you so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden and lawn.

We offer a variety of outside services for the summer which can be booked weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your needs. We are also available to do a “one-time” gardening work. Other one-time services include eaves trough cleaning window washing.

We will do:

  1. Mowing Yard
    • Lawn Care grass and trimming (front and back yard).
    • Bag the grass clipping and put the bag in your trash bin (NB: you provide your own bags or purchase them from us at $0.25 each). We will place in green bin if available.
  2.      2024 Gardening
    • Weeding
    • Digging gardens and flower beds
    • Planting and managing flower beds
    • Small shrub and tree pruning (performed by an experienced gardener)
    • Light landscaping
  3. Other Yard/Handyman Work
    • Spring and fall yard cleanup
    • Cleaning eaves troughs
    • Hauling lawn/garden refuse to compost dump
    • Odd jobs (sweeping garage, assembling patio furniture, etc.)

Rates for Yard Services

We will assess your yard with you to discuss the rates we will charge.  Rates are scaled to reflect the size and complexity of the job and income. Typical pricing examples include:

  • Mowing from $30 per cut based on property size
  • Garden work from $24 per hour
  • Eaves cleaning $24 – $28 per hour
  • Hauling to compost dump  $25 for dump fees + garden work rates (reasonable amount of bags)

Note. If our rates are a barrier, please speak to us as we want to ensure low income older adults, seniors, those with failing health and the physically challenged individual can access these important services.

Terms and Conditions of Services

Please review the terms and conditions of service found on the sign up forms for each service. When you sign up for a service, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as indicated in the service sign up form.