Homemaking and Housekeeping Services  

Saskatoon Services for Seniors is proud of our ability to offer many types of home support services. From general tidying and dusting to laundry and wall washing, we strive to make you and your surroundings as comfortable as possible.
home support
Duties in and around the home may include:

• Vacuuming carpets, furniture and drapes
• Washing floors
• Washing windows
• Dusting and general tidying
• Spot washing walls
• Cleaning light fixtures
• Cleaning stove and/or fridge
• Cleaning cupboards and closets
• Cleaning the bathroom: tub, sink, toilet and bath aids
• Laundry (washing and drying)
• Changing and making the bed(s)
• Taking out the garbage
• Light meal preparation (as staff availability allows)
• Packing for a move (as staff availability allows)

**See rates below.

Rates for Home Support Services

Rates are scaled to enable low income older adults, seniors and physically challenged individuals access to services. Rates are as follows:

  • Less than $16 000/year—$20.00/hr.*
  • $16,000-$23,999/year — $25.00/hr.*
  • $24,000-$30,999/year—$30.00/hr.*
  • $31,000-$38,000/year— $32.00/hr.*
  • $38,000+/year or no proof—$35.00/hr.

*Proof of income is required to receive subsidized rates


  1. Outstanding balances on Client accounts will be refunded at the discretion of SSFS.
  2. Any outstanding amounts owed to SSFS will be charged a fee of 1.5% per month.
  3. Any NSF cheques will be charged a fee of $20.00.