Dear Valued Clients

  At Saskatoon Services for Seniors, the safety of our clients and staff members is our first priority.  With the Situation as it stands today we have made the tough decision to close effective March 23 2020. We have made this decision to help keep our clients and staff safe during this difficult time.  This includes our Urban Camp Program as well, the head of this program informed me that they are shutdown until further notice. We continue to monitor the ever changing situation and hope to re-open on April 6th 2020. Although the plan is to re-open on April 6th we will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our return date as needed. We hope everyone is staying safe, and isolating when necessary. Together we will all get through this. As we firm up a return date we will reach out to our valued clients to let them know when we will be re-open and look to get your services back up and running again.



What is the Urban Camp Program

Urban Camp is a program offered in partnership with the Saskatoon Correctional Centre. Individuals serving time at the Saskatoon Correction Centre, who meet the set criteria, can take part in the Urban Camp program.  These individuals are divided into crews and work throughout our community. Supervised inmates from the Correctional Centre provide:
  • yard cleaning services in the fall and spring
  • snow clearing during the winter months (within 72 hours).  Front sidewalk, walk to door and driveway. Note: Crews MAY do more if requested and time permits.
Application form is here:  URBAN CAMP APPLICATION FORM 2019 Fillable

Urban Camp Services

  • Crews rake your yard and bag leaves and debris in the fall and spring
  • Crews shovel walks, driveways and city sidewalks
  • Service within 72 hours for an average snowfall (NB: if you need service sooner please check our other Snow Services page). It could take up to 5 days for a heavy snowfall
A flat fee for the season — no hourly fee charged
  • $150—Net income over $70,000 for household (includes $10 membership in SSFS)
  • $130—Net income less than $70,000 for household (includes $10 membership in SSFS)
Note:  Workers are not permitted to accept any monetary payment, however, treats such as cookies, pop, hot chocolate etc. are acceptable

Important Program Details

  • Crews ONLY work from Monday to Friday and follow a pre-set route. They have no ability to deviate from these days or this route.  Thus this program is not be suitable for persons with time-specific needs. Participants must be patient and understanding of the crews and the services they provide.
  • Service within 72 hours (3 days) for an average snowfallIt could take up to 5 days for a heavy snowfallIf you need timely service or have specific requests , we would advise that you sign up for our fee-based yard and/or snow shovelling program.
  • Crews will wait until a snow storm has passed AND crews do not provide service in extremely cold conditions.
  • Crews do not clear areas not imperative for use during winter months (e.g. patios).
  • Crews shovel snow to the nearest appropriate location.
  • Crews cannot clean eaves troughs nor can they clean a yard with feces.
  • Crews are unable to enter yards with animals at large.
  • Crews bag yard waste and place in a spot at the back of your yard. Crews do not take bags away.(Please advise Saskatoon Services for Seniors if you need your bags hauled. We will make arrangements for a fee).
Note: we can not clear yards for snowbirds due to insurance issues.  Please consider using our fee-based Saskatoon Services for Seniors Snow Shoveling Service or SnowBird Service. Registration  Is based on income and is limited to 250 registrants. The program registration opens April 1 and registration will remain open until the program is full (usually September).  You will be notified by September if you have been accepted. Typically family incomes over $150,000 to 180,000 do not make the cut. We encourage individuals with extremely high incomes to utilize our other snow programs. Application MUST be accompanied by your cheque and a copy of your most recent household Notice of Assessment (no older than the prior year) from Canada Revenue Agency or application will not be considered for the program. NSF cheque will result in a $30 fee assessed. If you are interested in obtaining more information, contact us at 306-668-2762 or email: To understand the terms and conditions of service, please review the following document:  Clients Terms of Services and Agreement